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Company Profile

Shanxi Betop Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd is an enterprise dealing in the production, sales & technology service of industrial products & minerals.
1. cold cement&hardener TP100, primer TP200,solvent,PU solution TP300, repair strip/patch, extruder gun repair system
2. rubber lagging, strip lagging, ceramic lagging, skirt rubber
3. uncured cover rubber, tie gum, heating solution,noodles,vulcanizing machine
4. belt cleaner, impact bar,impact bed
5. steelcord/fabric belt strip machine, rubber cut machine and tool kits

Company History:

1.The founder of the company was involved in the in the maintenance technical services and innovation of conveyor supporting equipment and facilities in 1999.
2.Shanxi Huao Industry and Trade Group Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004.
3.Various types of rubber products, adhesives, equipment and facilities for mines, and special-purpose tools have been developed from 2004 to 2007.
4.The company still constantly develops new products with high technology;
5.The company still committed to construction technique and maintenance service of conveyor equipment and facilities from 1999 to present.