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Conveyor Belt Hot Splice

Shanxi Betop Industry and Trade Co., LTD. is a famous China Conveyor Belt Hot Splice manufacturers and Conveyor Belt Hot Splice suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of pulley lagging. Our company established “Huao“ brand.“Huao“ series products include cold bond adhesives, quick repair glues, hot splicing joints tie gum, cover sheet, pulley lagging rubber sheets, sealing skirt board covering nearly all the materials necessary for conveyor belt reparation. The products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions all over the world.

Conveyor belt hot splice materials mainly for conveyor belt hot joint, conveyor belt hot repair. Such as fabric conveyor belt hot joint, steel cord belt hot joint.

Conveyor belt hot splice materials are better quality,free sample, best price from the factory.

Conveyor belt hot splice materials widely applies to the mining industry, power plant, cement, port industry and other fields which has conveyor belt.

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Conveyor Belt Hot Splice made in China which you can buy with low price from Betop. As the one of China Conveyor Belt Hot Splice manufacturers,China Conveyor Belt Hot Splice suppliers and Chinese brands, the product can be customized to satisfy the customers' requirement from our factory. We keep the discount products in stock at all times and we supports packaging in bulk, so you can wholesale or buy discount Conveyor Belt Hot Splice anytime. We can give you our price list and free sample, you will be satisfied our cheap quotation.