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Do you know what this Conveyor Belt Cold Splice?


Conveyor Belt Cold Splice is a two-component adhesive which is widely used for bonding between rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabric, and fabric and fabric, especially for belt repair and between guard plate and rollerFast bonding.The adhesive is black, viscous, and non-flammable; the hardener is a transparent liquid.

Applicable ratio: Adhesive: curing agent = 100: 5Packing: glue 1kg/tin, 10 cans/carton; hardener 50g/bottle, 10 bottles/boxNote: 

*Working temperature: higher than 10°C

*Humidity: less than 90%*The base glue and curing agent should be used up within two hours after mixing.

*To ensure the bonding quality, please test before use.

*Avoid contact with skin when using.Storage: The shelf life of Conveyor Belt Cold Splice at room temperature without opening the container is 12 months.