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What is the conveyor belt cleaner?


The conveyor belt cleaner is a device used to remove the adhesions on the belt surface during the transportation of materials. If the belt cleaner cannot even guarantee the cleaning effect, it will lose its own value.


Incomplete cleaning will cause the material adhering to the belt to directly enter between the drum and the belt, causing material particles, friction between the belt and the drum, and finally causing the drum and the belt to wear, and the on-site working environment is harsh, which greatly reduces the belt transportation efficiency.

 conveyor belt cleaner

The conveyor belt cleaner can be divided into the first path and the empty section. The head cleaner is installed on the belt conveyor drive roller to remove sticky materials on the working surface of the belt.


The empty section cleaner is installed in front of the tail drum of the belt conveyor or on the lower branch belt where the vertical weight device is redirected to the drum, and is used for removing sticky materials on the non-working surface of the belt.