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Cold Bond Cement With Hardener TP100

Description: The cold bond cement with hardener is widely used for the bonding between rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabrics as well as fabric and fabric, specifically for the repair of belt and the quick bonding between lagging sheet and roller.

Applicable Ratio: Adhesive:hardener=100:5

Package: adhesive:1kg/tin,hardener:50g/bottle  10 sets/carton

Use Method:
1.First polish and clean rubber surface.
2.if bonding between rubber and metal, metal should be to polished and clean, then brushing metal primer.
3.When using TP100,mix in proportion and spread evenly on the rubber surface two times. After first time dry, please brush the second times. When the second time become slightly adhesive, then remove the bubble and compaction by smooth roller.(if the second time is over dry, just brush it again.)
4.If adhesive and hardener is mixed, please used out within 2 hours.

1.Working temperature is higher than 10℃, humidity is less than 90%
2.After mixing, it should be used out within 2 hours
3.When using it, please avoid touching skin.
4.Shelf time: 12 months
5.Storage: in a dry and cool place with good ventilation.