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Belt quick repair glue TP300

Description: ELI-FLEX conveyor belt repair kits is a four-component temperature curing system. After curing, the layer has excellent flexibility, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and flame retarding.

Package: A:270g/bottle B:86g/bottle C:45g/bottle

Use Method:
1.Cleaning rubber surface and polishing it.
2.Put ELI-FLEX conveyor belt repair kits’s part D into part C, then brush it at polished rubber surface.
3.Put part B into part A, stirring 60s-90s rapidly, then poured it on the rubber surface quickly, then scratch it.

1.Repair conveyor belt longitudinal rips, holes and surface damages.
2.Repair rubber rollers, cans and other rubber products.

1.Storage: in a cool and dry place with good ventilation.
2.Once opened, part A and B must be used out immediately.
3.To ensure complete curing of the material, please stirring evenly
4.When temperature is below 10℃, workers should heat the surface of solution with halogen lamp.
5.Shelf time:12 months