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Definition of Y Type Skirt Rubber

Description of Y Type Skirt Rubber:
Dual seal skirt board has a double layer of skirting rubber compound from pu and rubber. The inner wear resistant of polyurethane exceeds the wear life of traditional rubber on skirting, whilst outer anti-dust integral molding can adapt to belt vibration and maintain the correct pressure to effectively seal the belt. Double layer structure, inside layer keeps materials, outside layer prevent dust-leakage.Clamp units are easy to install, adjust and maintain.

Technical data:
1.Rubber hardness: 60 ±5 shore A
2.Polyurethane  hardness: 75-80 shore
3.Tensile strength 5-15MPA
4.Elongation: 300%Min

Length: 10-20m
Thickness 3-30mm

Width: 100-350mm