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  • Rubber gaskets have oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cold and heat resistance, aging resistance and other properties, can be directly cut into various shapes of sealing gaskets, widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical, antistatic, flame retardant, food and other industries.


  • Recently, a batch of products produced by our company, are packaged for export, it is include ceramic lagging,diamond rubber lagging, conveyor belt cover strip, Intermediate rubber, uncured cover rubber and cold solution adhesive.


  • To make your finished walls and surfaces look perfect after paint application, it is essential to use a primer. They are a particular variety of paint devoid of any pigment that acts as a foundation for the actual layer of paint to adhere to.


  • Most often, lagging is attached to the pulley via vulcanizing (preferred in heavy-duty applications). Or, replaceable lagging can be used. The lagging strips are bolted or welded to the face of the pulley and can be easily replaced in the field.


  • Description: Vulcanized alumina oxide Al2O3 ceramic tiles, used for drive pulleys,operating under wet,clay-containing, muddy and extreme conditions,highly wear resistant, strong adhesive system with CN bonding layer.


  • Tie Gum is used as intermediate rubber for heating vulcanization of the fabric ply conveyor belt and steel cord conveyor belt.