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We are glad to share with you about the results of our work, company news,and give you timely developments and personnel appointment and removal conditions.
  • Clean Fluid TP500 is used for removing oil and grease, cleaning metal surface subsequent to blasting and grinding.


  • ELI-FLEX conveyor belt repair kits is a four-component temperature curing system. After curing, the layer has excellent flexibility, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and flame retarding.


  • Metal Primer TP200 is used specifically for the surface pretreatment of metal to ensure bonding completely and persistently between metal and rubber.


  • The cold bond cement with hardener is widely used for the bonding between rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabrics as well as fabric and fabric.


  • Impact Bar is a combination of UHMW and elastic rubber.Outstanding sliding properties of UHMW polyethylene surface ensure the belt run smoothly, highly wear- resistant rubber absorb and dramatically reduce the shock and friction of the loading material to the belt.


  • This time, I will introduce you to the size and type of impact bed.