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pu sealant pavement Manufacturers

Discount pu sealant pavement with low price can be customized and wholesaled to satisfy the customers' requirement from Betop where you can buy it.Our factory is one of China pu sealant pavement manufacturers and China pu sealant pavement suppliers, we established one of Chinese brands, "Huao". We keep the products in stock at all times and you can buy discount the bulk of pu sealant pavement made in China with a cheap price. If you have read our price list and see our free sample, I believe you will be satisfied with our quotation.
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  • PU solution is a two component, room temperature, curing system. After curing, the layer has excellent flexibility, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and flame retardance.

Shanxi Betop Industry and Trade Co., LTD. was founded in 2008. As one of China pu sealant pavement manufacturers. The company was honored as "Shanxi Provincial private science and technology enterprise", "Top 50 Taiyuan Manufacturing Enterprises",the business of the company is focused on the production of professional repair materials for conveyor belt, their expertise concentrate maintains for more than 15 years on pu sealant pavement specifically applied in large and underground coal mines.